12/02/2019 | by Silver Ant Tattoo

Top 5 popular tattoo styles for girls in 2019.

  1. Minimalism

Minimalism is the simplest tattoo style. Minimalist tattoos are usually small in size and made of simple straight-lines and curves and most of the time are just outline but no shadings. Regardless of the simplicity and smallness, minimalism tattoos still have meanings and can also be very fashionable.

Minimalist tattoos always stay on top of popular tattoos for girls. Due to its nature of small and simple, girls can easily get one at anytime and anywhere. Most of tattoo shops in the world do walk-ins for minimalist tattoos because they do not require much time to make the designs or tattoo them.

This tattoo style is also ideal for girls who want to have their first tattoos for a number of reasons. First, it is not very painful, so it is good for the first tattoo experience. Second, it is tiny, so it is not a problem if you do not want people staring at you every time you walk down the street. Third, if somehow you do not like the tattoo after all, you can always do some cover-ups or tattoo removal without having big troubles.

  1. Fine Line

This tattoo style becomes very popular in recent years. It is usually small, but delicate with a ton of details. Unlike minimalist tattoos, fine line tattoos need to be executed by highly-skilled tattoo artists for great results.

Fine line tattoos are also less painful compared to other styles as the main needles used are small and thin. Hence, it is also very ideal for girls who want to have tattoo for the first time.

The only problem with this style is the cost of the tattoos sounds bigger than the size. It sounds unreasonable for some people who do not understand. Regardless of its small size, a huge amount of details are put on them.

In addition to longer time for the same size, the artist needs to be very skillful with a steady hand to do it well. As the lines are super thin, just a little bit shaking will show errors straight away.

To get a fine line tattoo, it is a bit pricey and you need to find a decent artist to do it. However it is totally worth it, you will absolutely possess an elegant and stylish tattoo.

  1. Blackwork

Blackwork tattoos were developed from the oldest tattoo style, Tribal tattoos. Similar to Tribal tattoos, Blackwork tattoos are filled by solid black ink and sometimes just little of light shading. In contrast, blackwork tattoos give artists more freedom to create instead of tattooing only ancient patterns.

The name of this style sounds like it is not tattoos for girls because of its bold look, however more and more modern girls love this style. Girls with blackwork tattoos usually have strong character and look very stylish.

Blackwork tattoos are usually in small and medium sizes, they are placed in different areas on body and not necessary to be connected to each others.

This tattoo styles are ideal for girls who love simplicity and want to have many different small and medium pieces without worrying too much about where to place them.

To be good at this style, tattoo artists must be strong at line work and filling techniques.

  1. Dotwork

Dotwork is a variety of blackwork style. Instead of filling with solid black ink, artists use dots to shade. These dots make dotwork tattoos have a softer and sophisticated look. Dotwork is really tattoo that girls love

This tattoo style is probably the least painful because the inked area on skin is scattered, not solid like other styles.

Tattoo artists who specialise in this style must be strong at linework and extremely patient. Creativity is also a very important factor to be great at this style.

  1. Realism

Thanks to the efforts of many tattooist generations and the never-ending development of technology, tattoo artists now are able to generate tattoo looking as real as photograph.

In this style, tattoo lovers usually get portrait tattoos of their loved one, their pets or their idols. Landscapes are also popular, as people want to remember the places where they have special memories.

In terms of tattooing techniques, this tattoo style might be the most difficult one to execute. The artists must be able to apply all of different tattooing techniques competently.

In addition, the tattoo artists need to understand about different skin types and control well the damage putting on skin from the machine and needles.

Because it requires so much of skills in this style, realistic tattoos are usually more expensive than other styles. Regardless of its price, the demand for realistic tattoos are still very high.