10/05/2019 | by Silver Ant Tattoo

Should you bargain at a tattoo shop in Vietnam?

You should really bargain if you come to an average tattoo shop. Why do we use the word “average”? It is because people working at that shop they consider tattoo artists as a job to make money. They can do the job, but they do not have the passion to make them great artists. That’s why they stay average and all they want to do is to make money from you. It is really understandable that they will overcharge you if you let them do it. So make sure you shop around to have an ideas about pricing before you made the decision.

How about you want to book an appointment with one of the best shops in the area? We highly recommend you not to bargain. They are simply busy all the time, everyone accepts their prices and their reputation is considered the most important thing. Hence, there is no reason they ruin their name by overcharging you for a bit of extra money. They will give you their prices and you should just take it or leave it.

Another reason that bargaining does not work at these top tattoo shops is: great artists, they give you the price that they think they deserve it. If you try to bargain, they will think you do not respect their value. In some cases, the shop will help its clients and ask artists to give discounts. They might do it for the shop, but we are not sure if they are happy to do so. And if the artists are not happy to do the work, they might not do their best and you might not the best result either.

The only situation that you can get a better price with these great artists is: you have a tight budget and you let the artists know and you show them that you really want to get work from them. They will absolutely consider about it. And if the artists love your projects, they will do it for sure.

You can spend hundreds to thousands of dollars for an item of brand name clothing and wear it for just one or few years. Tattoos are on your body for your lifetime and an great piece of tattoo is priceless. Our advice is if you find your kind of tattoo artists, please do not bargain, it will really kill their vibes.