14/12/2018 | by Silver Ant Tattoo

How to Find The Best Tattoo Shop in Hanoi.

Step 1:

We are so lucky to live in the internet era when we can find everything online. Because tattoos are permanent things so you do not want to just randomly walk in a tattoo shop that you see on street and get a tattoo. We recommend you should do a ton of online research before you actually make an appointment for your tattoos. Starting with Google search will be perfect for you as Google is now the most popular search engine and Google’s algorithm is updated every year to make sure they provide useful and precise information for their users. You can use some simple phrases like “the best tattoo shop in Hanoi”, “tattoo places in Hanoi”, “reliable places to have tattoo and Hanoi”, or just simply “tattoo shops”, "tattoo Hanoi", "Hanoi tattoo" and Google will suggest you best results. You can also find information in some travelling forums, Facebook pages, but remember to check the date and the authenticity of the posts to ensure they are up to date and bias free.

Step 2:

So what to do next when you found a list of tattoo shops? There are over a hundred of tattoo shops only in the centre of Hanoi. Therefore, it is kind of hard to see information of every single one. By looking at their reviews, you can straight away find a few shops which are highly rated. At this step, do not rush to jump right in the shop with the highest numbers of reviews. You should read through the reviews to make sure they are authentic and written by people from different countries but not only Vietnamese people with short and kind of similar content all the time.

Step 3:

Check out their business websites, social media profiles to see if all the pictures posted are real. How to do that? If the tattoo shop is legit, all the pictures they posted should be at similar pixel quality and style of shooting. Some shops will take pictures from the internet and announce the pictures are theirs, you will see the pictures will be somehow not consistent in terms of quality and style. You can also check if the shop put content on their social networking platforms on a daily basis to prove that their businesses are busy, so their artists have work to do daily that means they are practicing a lot and high possibility that they are skillful.

Step 4:

Online is just online, nothing can be as sure as you directly visit their places. First, check if the receptionist speaks good English. You want to ensure your ideas delivered perfectly, so good English is really important. Second, check if their shop is clean and tidy. Good tattoo artists always pay close attention to details, they are very well-organised and productive. There are nothing called “messy good tattoo artists”, your tattoos will probably be screwed up by them.

Step 5:

Last but not least, even you are happy with everything from the consultation to the design, but when it comes to tattoo sessions, you still have to be careful. You can observe if they strictly follow safety instructions. Here’s the things you should know. All the equipment, and working surfaces which the artists might touch during the tattoo session should be carefully wrapped up. You also need to see the artists removing new needles from sealed packages and pour new inks from valid ink bottles. That's pretty much of what you need to know before you actually have tattoos. Now you are ready to go!


We want to say some words about tattoo in Hanoi before we end this post. There are so many articles and posts in many forums talking about Tattoo in Hanoi. Those articles are very negative about tattoo in Hanoi and they are out of date. Tattoo Art in Hanoi is still young and there are a lot of room to grow. However, we are already so different from 10 years ago, now we have artists who won awards in reputable international conventions, who have 10+ years of experience, who passionate about what they do and commit to be better and we are on the way to the world. You never have to worry to have tattoos in Hanoi anymore if you know how to find good tattoo shops and good tattoo artists. We are always here and deliver the best that we can.

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